Horse’n Around Services


I take pride in making sure that your items are clean in every way by taking the extra time and paying attention to detail. Each item is cold water washed, double rinsed and line dried. A concentrated, water based Canadian product is used that is specifically for equine items. It deep cleans, eliminates odours, is gentle on waterproofed, high-tech fabrics, earth-friendly and biodegradable. For blankets and sheets, pricing will range from $15 t0 $30. Extra charges will be applied to items needing extra time to clean prior to washing such as ~ excessive hair removal, manure, mold, feline urine.

Additional cleaning service is available for the following ~ saddle pads-english/western, horse boots, leg wraps, chaps, halters, etc. Pricing will vary depending on the item, if interested please call ahead.

Waterproofing is another important service provided. Most turnout blankets/sheets can be good for a couple of years. If you notice that your item is not shedding water as it once did, it’s time to reproof. The product used is an all natural product made in Canada and it works really well! Please note, some items cannot be reproofed due to age, quality or exposure to UV. Testing can be tried beforehand. Pricing will range from $13 to $20, multiple item pricing is available.

It is very important to call ahead before dropping off your items for cleaning or repairs. The schedule gets filled quickly and turnaround time can get tight. I do my best to ensure that your items are done when needed to keep your ponies happy.


When you drop off your items for repairs, I treat it as if it was my own. Attention to detail is my thing! Thread and material is matched while making the repair as unnoticeable as possible. Reusing and recycling material and hardware from other items is very important to me. I try to do this as much as possible as It not only reduces waste to the landfill, it is more cost effective for you. All repairs are based on complexity, material/hardware needed and time required. If I think that it’s not worth fixing, I will be honest with you up front. Should you be concerned about cost, just bring it in and I will have a pretty good idea on how much it will be to put all the pieces back together.



We all have a collection of stuff that doesn’t get used anymore but what do you do with it? Where can you take it? Can you make any money off it? Trying to sell things privately can be a hassle, frustrating and time consuming with no assurance that it will sell. Consignment is a great way to recycle outgrown or no longer needed equipment, clothing, tack, jewellery, antiques, collectibles and anything that is equine related. We accept all items for horse and rider of all disciplines that are in good condition, clean and ready for resale. We make it easy without the trouble and put money back in your pocket! So clean out the tack room, go through the trailer or barn and don’t forget the garage! You’ll be surprised with the things that you haven’t used in a while or forgot you even had.


Is there something that you’re looking for? Can’t find an item in other stores? Just give us a call. We just might have it in store or know where to get it. We also provide special ordering on tack, apparel, equipment, etc. If you are having a difficult time finding an item or found an item to be expensive, we have a variety of suppliers that we work with and can definitely help you end the search. We are here to offer assistance and save you money along the way.


Make sure your clippers are ready to go when you need them. We work with Cutting Edge Mobile Service, a local independent company. Simply drop off your clippers and/or blades at the store. John is very honest, knowledgeable and easy to work with. If you are looking for blades, clippers or supplies, he has a huge selection at great prices!