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Ultimate Finish 100
A 100% fat supplement in granular form that is an excellent source of dense calories, rich in fatty acids to help promote a full, shiny coat containing no starch or sugar. Slow steady release of cool energy. This has a 0% starch and sugar, perfect for horse that have metabolic issues but still need extra calories. *For product specific information, visit buckeyenutrition.com
Life Stage or Condition: Benefit
Hard Keepers: Provides dense calories without feeding more grain
Performance: Supplies cool calories, supporting endurance
Reproduction:  Ideal for pregnant/lactating mares and breeding stallions
Sales & Show Prep: Helps bring out a slick and shiny coat
Growing: Supports steady and optimum growth rates
Seniors & Picky Eaters: Highly palatable and digestible calorie source
Targeted Nutrition: No NSC (starch + sugar), ideal for carb-sensitive horses, EPSM and metabolic disorders