TOTAL SADDLE FIT – Perfect Saddle Pad


$385.00 – black only

Western saddle pads will never be the same. From the Wither Freedom™ cutback to a full saddle fitting system, the PERFECT Saddle Pad™ is a game changer. Read below for more details…

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The PERFECT Saddle Pad™ comes with Wither Freedom™, which is a cutback design over the withers that completely removes any downward pressure on a horse’s sensitive withers. It also allows for more clearance and less bulk under the front of the saddle. Our Wither Freedom™ is paired with a vented topline and a 1.5 inch open channel over the topline to eliminate pressure on a horse’s spine.

In addition, the Western Six Point Saddle Pad™ comes with a full saddle fitting system to precisely dial in the saddle balance, rider weight and panel contact over the horse’s back. The discrete pockets on the underside of the pad allow for a vast arrangement of shim options to address the majority of saddle adjustments. You can fix bridging, rocking saddles, crooked saddles and more.

The PERFECT Saddle Pad™ also comes with the following features ~

  • Fully vented and open spine channel.
  • 25mm thick, 100% wool pad body.
  • Cutaway at the base of the pad for a slimmer feel on the rider’s leg.
  • Comes with one complete set of 6mm felt shims (6 total shims).
  • Backed by our 30 day 100% money back promise, so you can be sure it’s the perfect pad for you and your horse. Feel free to really use it!

Available in 3 sizes ~

  • SMALL (28″) Rounded/Barrel
  • MEDIUM (30″) Square
  • LARGE (32″) Square

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rounded 28 inch, square/rounded 30 inch, square 32 inch