$20 SM 3.5 inch

$25 LG 7 inch

$42 PACK – SM and LG

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The Ultimate Grooming/Shedding Tool
For all your animals, large or small. Sheddie Eddie isn’t just for shedding, it is great for year round grooming as it removes loose hair, mud, dirt and dander very effectively. You will be amazed just how good it works. Wherever your animals go, there will be hair. Sheddie Eddie will remove the hair on many items ~ fleece/felt/wool saddle pads, girths and cinches, vehicle seats, fleece coolers, lined horse blankets or sheets, floor mats/carpet, pet beds, plus a whole lot of other things.

Reasons to try Sheddie Eddie ~ gentle on animals, easy to use, very effective, year round grooming, 100% handmade right here in Canada, ergonomic handle, strap for your wrist or hanging up, use on many surfaces and 60 day warranty.

The SM is best for smaller surface areas like smaller animals, small hands, delicate or awkward areas on your horse on so on.  The LG is best for larger surface areas – larger animals, floor mats, saddle pads and so on.  Having both sizes allows you the choice of size depending on what you are using it on and what feels more comfortable in your hand.  If you several animals and items to clean, the pack is the better way to go and you save a few dollars too.

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SM 3.5 inch, LG 7 inch, Pack -SM & LG