NAG BAGS – Slow Feeder Nets


$13.00 – Roll of twine
$27.00 – Repair kit
$48.00 – Trailer bag 1.5 inch
$53.00 – Hanging bag 1.5 inch
$73.00 – Day bag 1.5 inch
$102.00 – Small square 1.5 inch
$345.00 – Round bale 6 x 6 1.5 inch
$369.00 – Round bale 7 x 7 1.5 inch

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Foraging for the average equine is about 13-15 hours a day with free access. When access to pasture or forage is limited, we then put them at risk for health and behavioural issues. This can lead to ulcers, cribbing, colic or other behavioural issues.
Benefits to the animal ~ mimics natural grazing, healthier digestion & consumption, inhalant allergies are reduced, regulates insulin levels, prevention of ulcers & colic, regulates weight gain or loss, longer eating times, reduces waste and mess, simplifies feeding, saves time, money and hay.
They are great for horses, mules, donkeys, miniatures, cattle, goats, sheep, alpacas, llamas rabbits and even chickens. There are other sizes available that are not listed, contact us to ensure the appropriate bag to suite your animals needs.

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Roll of twine, Repair kit, Trailer bag 1.5 inch, Hanging bag 1.5, Day bag 1.5 inch, Small square 1.5 inch, Round bale 6 x 6 1.5 inch, Round bale 7 x 7 1.5 inch